About us






Mission statement

Superior health care and exceptional service for each person, every time.


To be our community’s first choice for health care.


  • Trust – In order to build trust, each of us will be responsible.
  • Integrity – We are honest. We treat each person the way we would want to be treated.
  • Communication – We practice open and effective communication according to confidential rules.
  • Knowledge – We strive to be knowledgeable in our respective fields and to do our jobs with confidence and skill.
  • Empathetic Care – We listen carefully and attempt to understand each person’s needs as if they were our own.
  • Teamwork – We work as a team to provide the best and most efficient care.


Terri Gehring, President and CEO
John Worden, PharmD, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Pharmacy
Beth Worden, ARNP, Chief of Nursing
Cathy Dunham, Chief Human Resources Officer
George Kimbro, Chief Financial Officer

Hospital Board of Trustees

Michael Bloustine, M.D.
Lenny Favara
Bill Glazner
Sheila Gorman, M.D.
Craig Harms
Esther Rettig, M.D.
Tim Karstetter
Chet Lang
Chet Buchman
Joan Reichenberger
Paul Taliaferro
Brent Wall


Health facilities for McPherson first became a reality in 1898 when Dr. John Crawford Hall established a sanitarium in a nine-room house at 700 South Maple St. Also in that year, he developed a nurse training program, which existed at the McPherson County Hospital until 1934. 

In 1908, Dr. Hall closed his first hospital and in September 1909, a stone brick building on South Main Street was erected through efforts of Dr. Hall and a stock company under a board of directors. As early as 1916 it became apparent that a newer, larger hospital was needed to serve the expanding community, and during that year plans were drawn for a new hospital. Through a subsequent bond issue, a new facility opened in 1921 as McPherson County Hospital.

The structure served the community until 1956, when another bond issue in the amount of $400,000 was granted for modernization and updating of the facility. The hospital expanded in 1963 with the addition of a 52 bed geriatric wing at a cost of $412,000. In 1969, the present McPherson Hospital was erected at a cost of $2.2 million and opened in 1972 as one of the most modern hospitals in this area. On Monday, January 8, 1973, the hospital was sold by the McPherson County Board of County Commissioners to McPherson Hospital, Inc. for $1. On Monday, April 9, 1973, the County Commissioners presented the hospital deed to the McPherson Hospital, Inc. Board of Directors. The most recent renovations were completed in 2003 with the addition of a new Emergency Department, garage facilities for EMS, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Radiology Department and main lobby canopy entrance. 

Regardless of the changes in the physical appearance and medical capabilities, the continuing mission of McPherson Hospital will remain the same – to meet our community’s needs by providing superior healthcare and exceptional service for each person, every time.